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About Us
Established in 1946, Meister-Shane Truck Trailer has been providing quality service to its customers for over 70 years. Meister-Shane Truck Trailer is a full service trailer dealership that sells new and used trailers and related equipment. We also specialize in truck hydraulic systems, and frame modifications including; lengthening, shortening, cracked frames, and auxiliary lift axles. Installations/Replacements/Repairs:
• Trailer Wreck Repair
• Trailer Suspension Systems
• Trailer Tailgate Customization & Repair
• Trailer 5th Wheel / Coupler Plate
• Trailer Liners
• Trailer – Dump Trailer Aluminum Floor Replacement & Repair
• Hydraulic Cylinder Sales & Service (including repacking)
• Hydraulic Systems
• Hydraulic / Fuel Tank Repair
• Truck Frame Modifications
o Lengthen, Shorten, & Crack Repair
• Lift Axles
• Truck 5th Wheel (including custom blocking systems)
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